Celenka:  Emmi Kujanpää (vocals & kantele), Eero Grundström (reed organ & vocals), Jarkko Niemelä (trumpet & vocals)

Celenka is a fresh Finnish trio bursting with virtuoso musicianship and in possession
of the daring to combine tradition with new musical creations. The trio has arranged
their music for a rare combination of vocals, kantele, trumpet and harmonium.

Celenka's debut album is made of the best qualities of East European music: one can
hear magically sensitive ballads, touching narratives and wild shamanistic dances.
The vocalist Emmi Kujanpää has collected songs on field trips to Bulgaria and
Karelia (Vienan Karjala specifically), where she has received songs directly from the
holders of the old traditions. Some songs on this album have been discovered from
musical archives, while another group of compositions were newly written and
arranged by the band members for this record.